Saturday Farmers Market @ The General

Every Saturday* 10am-2pm: 

Click on vendor names below to visit their websites.

  • Balance Rock Farm -- Meat & poultry, eggs, goat and other cheeses
  • Sven fish -- Fresh fish right off the docks of New Bedford.  Preorder through the website and pick up in the store
  • Jonesin 4 Juice -- Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice

We are looking for new vendors, if you are interested email

*Vendors subject to availability and may not arrive right at 10am. Some vendors select specific dates they can come, email if you have any questions about who will be attending each Saturday.

...and Every Day:

  • HGS Café Breakfast & Lunch
  • Wine & Beer
  • Espresso & coffee drinks
  • Local granolas, honeys, maple products, gifts & apparel
  • A wide range of organic & gluten-free products
Pure Barre Pop Up

Pure Barre Pop Up


5 0   m i n u t e s   f o r   Y O U

The Pure Barre technique is designed to cater any level of fitness experience.  There are modifications for every position, so be sure to alert your teacher if a movement does not feel correct in your body.  Think of your first Pure Barre class as the hardest step in your Pure Barre journey.  After each class, you will understanding the mind-muscle connection a bit more.  After about five classes, you will better understand the class flow and will able to find the correct position faster and more effectively.  As you go through class today, remember your only competitor in the room is you.  Close your eyes, listen to the music, and put all of your focus on your efforts and leave the outside world outside.  Each time you walk through the double doors, you will strive to become stronger mentally and physically.  You will hit the milestones you did not see possible.  Be patient with yourself and recognize your power.

We cannot wait to guide you, support you, and watch you grow.

What You Need:

  • socks on your feet

  • pants to capri length or longer

  • water

  • yoga mat

Rosé Day


Rosé Day
Saturday, May 19th
1:00pm - 3pm -- FREE

Join us at HGS as we celebrate the arrival of rosé with our first ever Rosé Day! We will be tasting through rosé from all of our wine importers. Get a preview of the rosé we will carry on our shelves along with fun recipes to try at home!

Brew HAHA #2


Brew HAHA #2 Beer Tasting
Saturday, June 16th
5 - 7pm -- $10 per person

Join us at HGS with several of our local breweries as we taste beer you can find on our shelves all year long. 

We are looking for home brewers!! The beer selected for competition is an American Pale Ale. For guidelines go to

To enter a beer for judging email

Central Mass 9

Let the countdown begin! Per tradition, Central Mass Skate Festival will return the first weekend of August in 2018. Clear your calendars and write#CENTRALMASS9 in ink! 
#EmgeeEvents #SkateCentralMA