Pub NighT at the Harvard General Store

Where does Pub Night at HGS happen?

The Harvard General Store is two stories, with the store and café on the first floor and an event space on the second floor. When you first come in the front door, immediately in front of you are two cashiers at the café counter; wine and beer are in coolers and wine racks on the outside wall to your left. Pub Night takes place on the second floor, which we call “Upstairs @ The General”.

How do I pay the cover charge?

You’ll pay the cover at the cashier’s station, then you’ll receive a small mark on your hand to show you paid.

What about ordering food?

Copies of the Pub Night menu are located at the café counter, and it is also posted on our website ­­ click on “Café” on the homepage, then scroll down to “Pub Night Menu”. We also have a great selection of snacks, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres, including Middle Eastern dips from Samira’s of Belmont, salsas and chips, cheese and crackers, and much more. Order and pay for your food with the cashier, who will give you a large playing card. When you go to the second floor, find your reserved seat ­­ your party’s name will be on a card that is held by a small stanchion on your table. Replace the reservation card with the playing card. Your food order will be brought up to you by a waiter, who will use the playing card to locate your table.

How about buying beer and wine?

We pride ourselves on our wine and beer selection! You can pay for your beer or wine at the cashier when you pay for the cover charge and any food you’ve ordered or purchased. When you go upstairs, you’ll find corkscrews, bottle openers, and wine and beer glasses, as well as water glasses, water pitchers, condiments, napkins, and flatware at the self­serve bar.

Can I bring my own beer or wine?

Yes, but because we are licensed under a BYOB permit, we charge a corking fee if you bring wine and beer in from the outside: $5 fee per bottle of wine and $5 per six­pack of beer. If you buy your wine and beer from us, we waive the corking fee.