How often are wine classes held at The General?

The Harvard General Store began holding wine classes in February 2016. Classes will be held approximately once a month.

What is the intended audience? Do I need to know a lot about wine?

Our classes are uniquely designed to not only be an educational and fun experience for the beginner but also for the more experienced wine drinker.  

The world of wine can be complex and confusing. The more you learn, the more there is to know.  A large wine store can seem a bit overwhelming with a confusing array of labels, varietals, countries, and styles. Our classes are designed to be a guided tour that will allow you to go on and better navigate the world of wine. You will learn to understand your own preferences and feel confident exploring on your own. 

Who teaches the wine classes?

Three experienced wine professionals will conduct the courses, ensuring a varied approach to each class and bringing their different tastes and experiences to the classroom. As the classes continue, these instructors will be joined by a host of other experts, wine importers, and winemakers from around the world.  

 What are the wine classes like?

Each class will be based on a different theme. The themes are selected to introduce you to the wine regions of the world, the different varietals grown in those regions, and what makes one region’s winemaking style different from another's. Each theme is especially paired with each instructor’s field of expertise.

Students will taste at least 6 different wines that are indicative of the theme. The General Store will provide cheeses and light hors d'oeuvres that complement the wines. There will be maps, charts, and enough time to answer all your questions. Special discounts will be available on HGS wines. After each class, the instructors will give you at-home study suggestions for selecting your next wines with an eye to continuing your education on your own.

Do I have to go to all the classes?

Feel free to sign up for one class, or all of them -- there’s no particular order in which the classes need to be taken, and each is designed to be a stand-alone experience. Come when you can and increase your wine IQ!

How much do the classes cost, and how do I sign up? 

Each class will cost $15 per person, payable via cash or check at the door at the wine class. You can pre-register by sending an email to, with the name of the wine class in the Subject line (e.g., "World Varietals: Bordeaux Wine Class"), and the total number and names of the attendees in the body of the email.