Every Saturday* 10am-2pm: 

Click on vendor names below to visit their websites.

  • Balance Rock Farm -- Meat & poultry, eggs, goat and other cheeses
  • Sven fish -- Fresh fish right off the docks of New Bedford.  Preorder through the website and pick up in the store
  • Jonesin 4 Juice -- Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice

We are looking for new vendors, if you are interested email hgsevents@harvardgeneralstore.com

*Vendors subject to availability and may not arrive right at 10am. Some vendors select specific dates they can come, email hgsevent@harvardgeneralstore.com if you have any questions about who will be attending each Saturday.

...and Every Day:

  • HGS Café Breakfast & Lunch
  • Wine & Beer
  • Espresso & coffee drinks
  • Local granolas, honeys, maple products, gifts & apparel
  • A wide range of organic & gluten-free products