5 0   m i n u t e s   f o r   Y O U

The Pure Barre technique is designed to cater any level of fitness experience.  There are modifications for every position, so be sure to alert your teacher if a movement does not feel correct in your body.  Think of your first Pure Barre class as the hardest step in your Pure Barre journey.  After each class, you will understanding the mind-muscle connection a bit more.  After about five classes, you will better understand the class flow and will able to find the correct position faster and more effectively.  As you go through class today, remember your only competitor in the room is you.  Close your eyes, listen to the music, and put all of your focus on your efforts and leave the outside world outside.  Each time you walk through the double doors, you will strive to become stronger mentally and physically.  You will hit the milestones you did not see possible.  Be patient with yourself and recognize your power.

We cannot wait to guide you, support you, and watch you grow.

What You Need:

  • socks on your feet

  • pants to capri length or longer

  • water

  • yoga mat